Race Details

SWIM: Starting from Breakers Beach, The Olympic distance racers will swim 2 laps around the buoys for a total of a 1 mile swim, while the Sprint distance racers will swim out and back around a specified buoy. NOTE:  The Sprint distance was modified this year to 1/4 mile (versus the previous distance of 1/2 mile).  Please mark arms and legs with participant numbers using a black permanent marker at designated marking station. Chip must be on ankle using a Velcro strap during all phases of the event. We will institute a group start.  Swim Caps are REQUIRED FOR ALL SWIMMERS!

TRANSITION ONE (T1): SWIM TO BIKE: Bikes must be racked in the transition area. Enter the transition area from the beach after the swim and exit by running your bike over the BIKE OUT timing mats prior to mounting your bike. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RIDE YOUR BIKE IN THE TRANSITION AREA. Swim-Bike Transition Time (T1) begins when you cross Swim Finish mat when exiting the water & beach are and ends when you cross the BIKE OUT mat exiting the transition area.  Bicycle helmets are REQUIRED FOR ALL RIDERS!

BIKE: Riders will proceed through the recreation area and head either 12 miles or 6 miles East (depending on the Olympic vs Sprint distance) across US Hwy 385 on rolling hills, black top roads. The roads are not closed, so watch for vehicles on the road. Bike helmets are required. There will be volunteers assigned to the US Hwy 385 crossing for your safety.  BIKE IN Transition Area will be the same location as BIKE OUT, Be sure to exit on the BIKE OUT side and enter on the BIKE IN side of the mats.

TRANSITION TWO (T2): BIKE TO RUN: Dismount bike at dismount line before entering the transition area and run your bike to your individual transition area. Place participant number BIB on front of shirt, shorts, or triathlon BIB belt. Your BIB number must be visible at all times for the races officials.  Bike-Run Transition Time (T2) begins when you cross the BIKE IN mat at the transition area and ends when you cross the Run OUT mat exiting the transition area for run portion of the race.

RUN: This is an out and back run course.  It is mostly hilly and runs adjacent to the shore of the picturesque Angostura Reservoir.  Run time begins when crossing the RUN OUT timing mats and ends when you cross the FINISH LINE.  Make sure the back-up timers see your BIB number when crossing the finish line. Return your chip and strap at the end of the finish chute.


Angostura Recreation Area – Breakers Beach,  28075 Recreation Rd.  Hot Springs, SD  57747
Ages:  6 and up.

Adult Age Divisions:

13-19 years
20-29 years
30-39 years
40-49 years
50-59 years
60-69 years

Youth Division:

6-12 years

Relay Teams:

Olympic distance
Sprint distance


* Race Medals are given to all Youth and Adult finishers *
–  Overall Male and Female Winner
–  Top 3 Age Group Winners (excluding Overall Winner)
–  Each member of the First Place Team for both Olympic and Sprint


Only those that register before Friday, August 12th, 2022 will be guaranteed a race t-shirt. Sign up early to ensure yours!


Located to the North of the transition area and Breakers Beach.  Angostura recreation area charges either a daily fee of $8 per vehicle, or you may use a current year annual park entrance license ($36) for access.  You can get your pass early if you wish by going to the onsite station the day prior & the attendant can write your date on your pass for Sep. 3.  If no attendant is at the entry station on the morning of the race, you can either buy a pass using your credit card or you can pay cash and write the day’s date on your pass and insert cash into the envelope provided and place your pass in your window there at the station.

Race Categories

Individual (Olympic)
Individual (Sprint)
Youth (6-12)
Team/Relay (Olympic)
Team/Relay (Sprint)


When is packet pickup?

Friday, Sep 2nd, 5:30pm – 7:00pm the day before the race (Hot Springs Masonic Lodge (238 N. Garden St. #2, Hot Springs, SD  57747)

It includes a pasta dinner as well….and you can purchase additional meals for your family or friends.  $8 for adults and $6 for children 12 and under.

Can someone else pick up my packet on Friday night for me?

Yes, and Teams/Relays should have just one person (team captain) pick up the packet.  Individuals should pick up their own packet, but are allowed to have someone they designated to pick up.

What will I need to bring for packet pickup?

ID card and a smile.

When can I drop my gear off?

The transition area opens at 6:00 a.m., on race day, Sep. 3rd.

Do I have to pay for a State Park pass?

Yes, you will need to purchase an $8 daily pass or you may use a current year annual park entrance license ($36) for access. You can purchase a pass the day prior to the race and be sure to indicate the race date. (Sep 3, 2022). Cash or credit card.

Park personnel will be checking throughout the day. It’s on you to avoid receiving a ticket…. Thanks and enjoy a fantastic family-fun race day!!

How many people to a relay team?

2 – 3 people.  It can be all male, all female, or co-ed.

Can I register day of the race?


What is the water temp at Breaker’s Beach at Angostura?

Around 73+/- degrees.

What race day nutrition is available at the aid stations?

Water, Gatorade/Powerade

What kind of snacks/food is available post-race?

Water, Gatorade/Powerade, bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges, sandwiches, brownies, and cookies.

Can I volunteer for the race?

Absolutely, please check out the volunteer page to see what opportunities we have! Once on the page click the black “Job Details” button for specific needs. I would love to have you involved in this great community event!

What if I have a question that is not covered here?

Please contact the Race Director, Brendan Murphy, at:  ironmanbtm2@gmail.com or call at:  (605) 393-5947.